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Shenyang Northern Software Institute is a higher vocational institute, approved by the government of Liaoning province with official record in the State Ministry of Education. We hope to make wide and deep cooperation with relevant enterprises, institutes and universities both at home and abroad around majors we've set in our school. The International Educational Department is one mainly responsible for foreign exchange and cooperation. And you are very welcomed to contact us!


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NSI Introduction

Shenyang Northern Software Institute(hereinafter referred to as NSI )is a higher vocational institute, approved by the government of Liaoning province with official record in the State Ministry of Education. The school is located in Shenbei Road No.53 Shenbei District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province with a total area of over 33.35 hectares. Now, the school owns more than 140 teachers and over 2300 full- time students with three-years’ school system. The predecessor of NSI, the first batch provincial demonstrated software institute, is a software institute belonging to Shenyang Aeronautics and Astronautics University. In 2010, the NSI was independently held by Shenyang Global Envoy Software Co.Ltd. The institute has three departments, which are Computer Department, Industry and Information Technology Department and Machine Translation Department respectively and 15 majors, of which the computer software technology application major is a provincial demonstrated one. Multi-language Collaborative Translation Laboratory is a national local joint engineering one approved by National Development and Reform Commission. The Industrialization and Informatization Fusion Center of Shenyang is also located in NSI. Besides, the NSI is talent conversion and employment training base approved by Liaoning Human Resources and Social Security Department as well as the vocational education teacher training base approved by Liaoning Education Department. Every year, a large number of short term training are held here, including relevant professional qualification training.


沈阳北软信息职业技术学院(以下简称北软学院)是经辽宁省政府批准设立由国家教育部正式备案的高等职业技术学院。办学地址在辽宁省沈阳市沈北新区沈北路53号。学院占地面积500多亩。现有教师140多名,在校全日制学生2300多名,学制为3年。该校前身是沈阳航空航天大学内设的软件学院,是省内首批示范性软件学院。2010年以沈阳格微软件有限责任公司为投资主体独立举办沈阳北软信息职业技术学院。学院现设有计算机、工业与信息化、机器翻译三个系及15个专业,其中计算机软件技术应用专业是省级示范专业。多语言协同翻译实验室是经国家发展改革委批准的国家地方联合工程实验室。沈阳市的 “两化”(工业化、信息化)融合中心设在本院。同时,学院还是辽宁省人力资源和社会保障厅批准设立的人才转换就业培训基地。由省教育厅批准设立的全省职业教育师资培训基地。每年承担大量各类人员短期培训、相关专业职业资格鉴定培训任务。

NSI Features

The NSI has always been upholding this education ideal, namely education in love and studying in happiness, in its fifteen years’ school running and fully develops its unique advantages of integration of production, study and research. All of these have stimulated to form a high starting point, innovative education philosophy and distinctive characteristics in school running system, talent training mode and students’ employment and business starting, which have received highly affirmation from both governments and industries. The NSI has already had a national engineering laboratory research and development platform in human-computer intelligence and multilanguage collaborative translation. And Industrialization and Informatization Fusion Center of Shenyang is also located in NSI. Besides, the NSI has significant advantages in the field of software technology application, multi-language translation talents training and informatization and industrialization compound skilled personnel training both at home and abroad.



NSI President

President Zhang Guiping has been committing to machine translation, human computer interaction, research and development work in the field of knowledge management for long time. Once, she, as A class member, has participated in a major international cooperation project of “China, Japan, India, Malaysia and Thai”multilanguage machine translation. President Zhang presided over the completion of more than 60 projects, such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National 863 plan, National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Integration Projects, the Aviation Science Fund, National High and New Technology Industry, Industrialization and Engineering Center Construction. Besides she has gotten over 27 prizes on science and technology projects like the first prize on China Aviation Science and Technology and Qian Weichang Chinese Science and Technology Information Processing projects. President Zhang Guiping has been awarded a lot of honors. Once she has won the distinguished expert of China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, the Chinese Software Industry Outstanding Youth Award, Outstanding Contributions to the Ministry of Electronics Industry and the Ministry of Aviation Experts as well as the first batch of Honorary Professors in Liaoning Province.


张桂平院长长期致力于机器翻译、人机交互、知识管理领域的研发工作。曾作为A类成员参加了"中、日、印、马、泰多国语机器翻译"重大国际合作项目。主持完成国家自然科学基金、国家八六三计划、国家科技支撑计划、 国家"两化"融合专项、航空科学基金、国家高新技术产业化、产业化和工程中心建设课题60余项,获得中国航空科技进步一等奖、钱伟长中文信息处理科学技术一等奖等科技奖励27项。先后荣获中国侨联特聘专家、中国软件行业杰出青年优秀奖、电子工业部突出贡献奖、航空部突出贡献专家辽宁省首批特聘教授等荣誉称号。

NSI Majors

The NSI totally has three departments with fifteen majors.

Department Major
Computer Department Software Technology
Embedded Technology and Application
Computer System Maintenance
Computer Application Technology
Computer Network Technology
Computer Information Management
Electronic Commerce
Industry and Information Department Mechanical Quality Management and Testing Technology
CNC Equipment Application and Maintenance
CAD Design and Manufacturing
Aviation Service
CNC Technology
Advertising Media Development
Animatic Design and Production
Machine Translation Department Applied English



计算机系 软件技术
工业与信息化系 机械质量管理与检测技术
机器翻译系 应用英语

Cooperation Intention

The NSI has made the following three parts--full time professional personnel training, social vocational training and professional international exchange and cooperation as its strategic developing directions and planning goals now and in the future. Now, our school hopes to make active contacts and cooperation around the majors we have set with relevant colleges, universities and corporations, which will help to stimulate wide range of cooperation fields and projects.The forms of communication and cooperation can be organized in the following forms: winter and summer camp, short-term visiting, students exchange, cooperation in school running and so on. As our school has great strength in computer software technology application, multi-language collaborative translation and aviation services, we are willing to cooperate in the above three aspects. Meanwhile, in order to improve our international level of high technology talents training, we also hopes to seek extensive cooperation and communication in the fields of international vocational qualification training and identification as well as teacher training.



Cantact Us

School Name Shenyang Northern Software Institute
Address Shenbei Road No.53, Shenbei New Area, Shenyang, Liaoning Province
Postcode 110000
Contact Person David Xia (Minister of International Educational Department)
Email xiadw_public@163.com
Office No. 024-88928838


学校名称 沈阳北软信息职业技术学院
地 址 沈阳市沈北新区沈北路53号
邮 编 110000
联系人 夏大伟(学院国际教育部部长)
邮 箱 xiadw_public@163.com
办公电话 024-88928838